How I work with my clients



"The simpler the life, the better."

And because I do what I can to make your life easier, here is a very simple process of getting your files translated:



Signing a deal

Contact me through email or contact form.

You: "Hey, I'm Johny. I want to translate an article for my website (see the attachment). 

How much (I'm a small business owner, BTW) and when?"

I: "Nice job! 2,105 words x $0.07 = $147.35... $120 for you.

I translate up to 3,000 words a day. 

Ready tomorrow, pay in a month. Deal?"

You: "Deal."




I open your file.

I read.

I do a draft translation.

I edit.

I review.

I polish until it looks awesome and I feel proud of myself.

I make a clean copy of my translation (no English, no nothing!) and forget what I wrote.

I put on your shoes and read it through your eyes.

Don't like it? Review!

Like it? Next step. 




I: "Hey, Johny. Here is your file and my invoice."

You: "Cool, will pay in a couple of days when I get some cash."

I: "All righty."

You are happy. 




Two days later, PayPal says, "You've got money."

I'm happy.



Word of mouth

I get an email.

"Hey, this is Nick, Johny's friend. See the attachment..."

Go to Step 1. 



The translation process is not that simple. 

I just don't think you want to read 10 more pages about 

effective processes of providing high-quality translations and doing research,

editing and proofreading for grammatical and syntactic accuracy, 

appropriateness of style and possible omissions,

multiple-step quality assurance, 

using translation tools, 

getting the client's approval, etc.  

But if you do, please email me, and I will show you the backstage.

See you on the next page! 


* * *